Residential Construction
When you’re designing a custom home, your final layout can vary significantly based on one factor: how many floors you have. A multi-story home is neither better nor worse than a single-floor layout. Instead, it brings its own host of advantages and disadvantages. Before you commit, make sure you know what you’re in for! Aesthetics...
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So you bought an old…er, “historic” house. Congratulations! You own a piece of the past, a window to a different time. No doubt you’re enjoying a spacious porch, hardwood floors, and the old oak tree in the backyard. Unfortunately, the past is a complete package, and you’ve also inherited its technological shortcomings. The engineers of...
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It’s porch season in North Carolina. That means it’s time to break out the sweet tea and lemonade, kick off your shoes and light a citronella candle or two. There’s nothing quite like watching the world go by from the comfort of a swinging bench. A front porch – or a porch out back –...
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Bold Construction Honored as Mid-Size Business of the Year
May 24, 2019
Bold Sponsors Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Golf Tournament Benefiting Special Olympics NC
May 15, 2019
Bold Construction Named Finalist for Mid-Size Business of the Year Award
April 11, 2019